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About This Site

This site is the creation of Brody Hale of Tyringham and Robert M. Kelly of Lee.

We're laymen belonging to St. Mary's Parish of Lee, Springfield Diocese, Massachusetts. We believe that the laity have the right and the obligation to take part in decision-making within the Roman Catholic Church.

This mandate is protected and encouraged by church law, and is a key part of the lay priesthood. We believe that the time is right for this mandate to come to the fore, specifically, at the parish council level. We believe that the alienation of clergy and laity has reached critical levels, though for different reasons. We believe that unless the laity play a larger role, further deterioration of the Body of Christ seems inevitable.

Therefore, this site is about promoting lay empowerment in our diocese. We provide web space and resources so that lay Catholics from this diocese and elsewhere can learn about lay empowerment through reading, reflection and discussion.

Being Catholic, we naturally have a handy slogan to help us remember what we're all about:

"The cure for alienation is dialogue leading to participation".

* Brody Hale is a 22 year old recent graduate of Tufts University who double majored in History and Politial Science and plans on studying law; he can be reached at 69 Main Rd., Tyringham, MA, 01264, tel. 413-243-0741, brody.hale@alumni.tufts.edu.

* Robert M. Kelly is a 58 year old professional in the decorating field; he can be reached at: 65 So. Prospect St., Lee, MA, 01238, tel. 413-281-1715, wscom@adelphia.net.

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